Herriet Hert aus Australien

Am 21.09 und 22.09.2018 zu Besuch

What turns you on?
How can I lure you out of your reserve?
With total control or do I become yours?

As a dominatrix, I am caring and fair. The tenderness from my passive side flows into style as a Dom. As much as I spank I will kiss and caress. I strive for a connection that is met both mentally and physically. I punish when necessary, followed with affectionate reinforcement. My voice and nature are soft, but don't let that fool you.

As a submissive I am cheeky and versatile. The demanding attributes of my dominant side flow into my role as a passive. I'll test one's power through resistance. I'm always eager to please. Yet you might find I become greedy and in need of an equivalent amount of pleasure as you.
I have a thing for creating a mess. Whether I'm disrupting the game you've set in place or spreading about your juices... let's see what beauty we can create through havoc.

Through BDSM play, intimacy occurs in such a small amount of time. This I am captivated by; the connection between two who were moments ago strangers. Reaching into the core of someone - revealing their true nature, is an art of magic.